Commit 39b5dd4e authored by Adriaan de Groot's avatar Adriaan de Groot

[libcalamaresui] Avoid deadlock

- When loading QML V2, both loadQmlV2Complete() and changeSlideShowState()
  lock the same mutex, introduced in e7f4479d.
- Explicitly unlock when loading is done and we need to change the state
parent 376cb3c0
......@@ -125,7 +125,11 @@ SlideshowQML::loadQmlV2Complete()
if ( isActive() )
// We're alreay visible! Must have been slow QML loading, and we
// passed onActivate already.
// passed onActivate already. changeSlideShowState() locks
// the same mutex: we could set up a workaround to call
// changeSlideShowState() later after destruction of l.
changeSlideShowState( Slideshow::Start );
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