Commit 901e53da authored by Kyle Robertze's avatar Kyle Robertze Committed by Philip Müller

fixed two bugs in packages module

if the key "install" was used, the install would crash as the backwards
compatibility checks were incorrect. Fixed a typo in the run function so
pre- and post-install hooks now work correctly
parent 99118e06
......@@ -112,7 +112,7 @@ class PackageManager:
def run(self, script):
if script != "":
check_target_env_call(scrtip.split(" "))
check_target_env_call(script.split(" "))
def subst_locale(list):
......@@ -138,13 +138,13 @@ def run_operations(pkgman, entry):
for key in entry.keys():
entry[key] = subst_locale(entry[key])
if key == "install":
if isinstance(package, str):
if isinstance(entry[key], list):
for package in entry[key]:["pre-script"])
elif key == "try_install":
# we make a separate package manager call for each package so a single
# failing package won't stop all of them
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