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Branding: expand the stylesheet example

- Mention that the sidebar menu can't be styled
- Point to more documentation about styling
- Give an example of styling buttons with an icon
parent 215bc464
......@@ -6,26 +6,72 @@ In principle, all parts can be styled through CSS.
Missing parts should be filed as issues.
The IDs are based on the object names in the C++ code.
You can use the Debug Dialog to find out object names:
- Open the debug dialog
- Choose tab *Tools*
- Click *Widget Tree* button
The list of object names is printed in the log.
Documentation for styling Qt Widgets through a stylesheet
can be found at
In Calamares, styling widget classes is supported (e.g.
using `QComboBox` as a selector). You can also use specific
object names (ids), which you can find through debugging tools.
using `QComboBox` as a selector).
This example stylesheet has all the actual styling commented out.
The examples are not exhaustive.
/* Main application window.
/*** Generic Widgets.
* You can style **all** widgets of a given class by selecting
* the class name. Some widgets have specialized sub-selectors.
QPushButton { background-color: green; }
/*** Main application window.
* The main application window has the sidebar, which in turn
* contains a logo and a list of items -- note that the list
* can **not** be styled, since it has its own custom C++
* delegate code.
#mainApp { }
#logoApp { }
#sidebarApp { }
#sidebarMenuApp { }
#logoApp { }
/* Partitioning module.
/*** Welcome module.
* There are plenty of parts, but the buttons are the most interesting
* ones (donate, release notes, ...). The little icon image can be
* styled through *qproperty-icon*, which is a little obscure.
* URLs can reference the QRC paths of the Calamares application
* or loaded via plugins or within the filesystem. There is no
* comprehensive list of available icons, though.
QPushButton#aboutButton { qproperty-icon: url(:/data/images/release.svg); }
#knownIssuesButton { qproperty-icon: url(:/data/images/help.svg); }
/*** Partitioning module.
* Many moving parts, which you will need to experiment with.
#bootInfoIcon { }
#bootInfoLable { }
#deviceInfoIcon { }
......@@ -34,8 +80,13 @@ object names (ids), which you can find through debugging tools.
#partitionBarView { }
/* Licensing module.
/*** Licensing module.
* The licensing module paints individual widgets for each of
* the licenses. The item can be collapsed or expanded.
#licenseItem { }
#licenseItemFullText { }
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