Commit df8a4f30 authored by Bernhard Landauer's avatar Bernhard Landauer
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use ini for target config keymap/consolefont

parent 1172ed52
......@@ -297,23 +297,23 @@ install_base() {
# This is as of yet untested
# arch_chroot "mhwd-kernel -i $(cat ${PACKAGES} | xargs -n1 | grep -f /tmp/.available_kernels | xargs)"
# If the virtual console has been set, then copy config file to installation
if [[ -e /tmp/vconsole.conf ]]; then
if [[ -e /mnt/.openrc ]]; then
cp -f /tmp/keymap ${MOUNTPOINT}/etc/conf.d/keymaps
arch_chroot "rc-update add keymaps boot"
cp -f /tmp/consolefont ${MOUNTPOINT}/etc/conf.d/consolefont
arch_chroot "rc-update add consolefont boot"
cp -f /tmp/vconsole.conf ${MOUNTPOINT}/etc/vconsole.conf
check_for_error "copy vconsole.conf" $?
# copy keymap and consolefont settings to target
if [[ -e /mnt/.openrc ]]; then
echo -e "keymap=\"$(ini linux.keymap)\"" > ${MOUNTPOINT}/etc/conf.d/keymaps
arch_chroot "rc-update add keymaps boot" 2>$ERR
check_for_error "configure keymaps" $?
echo -e "consolefont=\"$(ini linux.font)\"" > ${MOUNTPOINT}/etc/conf.d/consolefont
arch_chroot "rc-update add consolefont boot" 2>$ERR
check_for_error "configure consolefont" $?
echo -e "KEYMAP=$(ini linux.keymap)\nFONT=$(ini linux.font) > ${MOUNTPOINT}/etc/vconsole.conf"
check_for_error "configure vconsole"
# If specified, copy over the pacman.conf file to the installation
if [[ $COPY_PACCONF -eq 1 ]]; then
cp -f /etc/pacman.conf ${MOUNTPOINT}/etc/pacman.conf
check_for_error "copy pacman.conf" $?
check_for_error "copy pacman.conf"
# if branch was chosen, use that also in installed system. If not, use the system setting
......@@ -236,11 +236,6 @@ set_language() {
setfont $FONT 2>$ERR
check_for_error "set font $FONT" $?
ini linux.font "$FONT"
# store settings for re-use in target install ## to be accomplished via ini in the future
echo -e "KEYMAP=${KEYMAP}\nFONT=${FONT}" > /tmp/vconsole.conf
echo -e "consolefont=\"${FONT}\"" > /tmp/consolefont
echo -e "keymap=\"$KEYMAP\"" > /tmp/keymap
# set locale, keymap and font and source translation file for installer
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