Commit fbcefd4f authored by Matti Hyttinen's avatar Matti Hyttinen

correct typos in previous commit

parent 4a8a7e6e
......@@ -514,7 +514,7 @@ install_refind()
# Figure out microcode
rootsubvol=$(findmnt -o TARGET,SOURCE | awk '/\/mnt / {print $2}' | cut -d "[" -f2 | cut -d "]" -f1)
UCODE=$(arch_chroot "arch_chroot "sdboot-manage setup" 2>$ERR" 2>$ERR)
UCODE=$(arch_chroot "arch_chroot "pacman -Qqs ucode" 2>$ERR" 2>$ERR)
if [[ $(echo ${UCODE} | wc -l) -gt 1 ]]; then
# set microcode
if findmnt -o TARGET,SOURCE | grep -q "/mnt/boot " ; then
......@@ -530,13 +530,13 @@ install_refind()
if findmnt -o TARGET,SOURCE | grep -q "/mnt/boot " ; then
#there is a separate boot, path to microcode is at partition root
sed -i "s|\"$| initrd=/${UCODE}-ucode.img initrd=/initramfs-%v.img\"|g" /mnt/boot/refind_linux.conf
sed -i "s|\"$| initrd=/${UCODE}.img initrd=/initramfs-%v.img\"|g" /mnt/boot/refind_linux.conf
elif [[ -n "$rootsubvol" ]]; then
#Initramfs is on the root partition and root is on btrfs subvolume
sed -i "s|\"$| initrd=$rootsubvol/boot/${UCODE}-ucode.img initrd=$rootsubvol/boot/initramfs-%v.img\"|g" /mnt/boot/refind_linux.conf
sed -i "s|\"$| initrd=$rootsubvol/boot/${UCODE}.img initrd=$rootsubvol/boot/initramfs-%v.img\"|g" /mnt/boot/refind_linux.conf
#Initramfs is on the root partition
sed -i "s|\"$| initrd=/boot/${UCODE}-ucode.img initrd=/boot/initramfs-%v.img\"|g" /mnt/boot/refind_linux.conf
sed -i "s|\"$| initrd=/boot/${UCODE}.img initrd=/boot/initramfs-%v.img\"|g" /mnt/boot/refind_linux.conf
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