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<big>Thanks for your support</big>
Manjaro Linux receives a great deal of support from its community of users and we would like to thank each and every contributor for participating. We are growing at a steady pace and our distribution is getting better every day thanks to you.
It is very easy to make a difference. Depending on your skill set, your availability you can help Manjaro in one or more of the following ways:
<big>Support and Promotion</big>
<b>Spreading the word</b>
If you like Manjaro, let people know. Write a review and publish it on Talk about it with your friends and the people around you.
<b>Joining the Community</b>
Manjaro isn't just an operating system, it's also a dynamic community of people who enjoy, gather, and interact with a free and open project. Whether it's by helping others sort through issues, by making them feel welcome, or simply by meeting and talking to other Manjaro users, we recommend you join the community and participate in making Manjaro better.
<b>Helping others</b>
If you have some spare time and you're willing to help other users with technical problems, you should seriously consider reading the forums and/or joining the IRC channel and helping other Manjaro users solve the problems you know how to fix.
<big>Project contributions</big>
<b>Bug reports</b>
If you've noticed something that doesn't work properly while using Manjaro, let us know. The problem you have discovered is likely to affect others as well; The sooner we know about it, the sooner we're able to fix it.
<b>New ideas</b>
The vast majority of improvements included in each release come from the community. If there's something that you think is missing or that could be done better, please tell us. Whether it's the inclusion of a missing hardware driver, or a software application that should be part of a stock installation, or if you have any other ideas on how to make Manjaro better, we're always interested in hearing them.
If you are talented in graphic design and willing to contribute to the project, please send us your creations and artwork. Whether it's a simple wallpaper, an icon set, a splash screen, or even a new logo, we're always interested to hear from you about new artwork.
Most of our development is done in QT, C++, Python, HTML5/CSS and BASH. We also use Git for version control and PKGBUILDs for packaging. If you're comfortable with these technologies, don't hesitate to have a look at the code. If you think you can improve our applications or write new ones don't hesitate to suggest patches or to fork our git repositories.
<big>Handling hardware</big>
Manjaro not only supports the use of multiple kernels (selectable from the advanced options at the boot screen), but also provides access to the very latest bleeding edge kernels as well. This can be done through the use of the Kernel module in Manjaro's graphical Settings Manager, or via the command line using the MHWD-kernel (Manjaro Hardware Detection) command.
These Manjaro tools will automatically update a newly installed kernel along with any modules currently in use with your existing kernel. For example, if you were to update from kernel 3.18 to 4.1, mhwd-kernel would automatically include the kernel 4.1 builds and all modules used with kernel 3.18. How about that!
You can configure your hardware through the Hardware Detection module in the Settings Manager or alternatively with the MHWD cli-application. With these tools you can install for example graphical drivers, free and proprietary.
<big>Getting help</big>
Although Manjaro is designed to work as much "out of the box" as possible, we don't claim it's perfect. There can be times when things go wrong, you might have questions and a desire to learn more or just want to personalise it to suit your tastes. This page provides details of some available resources to help you!
<b>Search the web</b>
Perhaps the first place to look for generic Linux help is by using your favourite search engine. Just include words like 'Linux', 'Manjaro' or 'Arch' in your search query.
As Manjaro is based on Arch Linux, guides and tips designed for Arch usually apply to Manjaro too.
<b>Look in the forums</b>
For specific help with Manjaro we have a dedicated online forum where you can search for topics, or create one yourself! This is probably the next best place to go for collaboration, discussion and assistance. Ask for help, post your thoughts, or outline some suggestions. Don't be shy!
The Manjaro forum is divided into sub-forums for different topics and environments, please post your query in the appropriate place!
<b>Join us on IRC (Internet Relay Chat)</b>
Another option is to join us on IRC by joining our #manjaro channel on the servers.
<b>Sign up to a mailing list</b>
Another way to get help is to email questions to Manjaro mailing list (you can also search the history for past discussions). Simply sign up to the list you prefer and follow the instructions. There is a list dedicated to several topics, just take a look!
<big>Other resources</big>
- <a href="">Manjaro Germany</a> - Official, support for our german community.
- <a href="">AUR Repository</a> - Extra software not in the regular repositories, built from source.
- <a href="">Manjaro Wiki</a> - Official wiki for Manjaro.
- <a href="">Arch Wiki</a> - Official wiki for Arch.
- <a href="">IRC Chat</a> - Live talk and help by users for users.
Got a suggestion on how we can make Manjaro better? Found something you want included, or want to help out? Please let us know, by posting your suggestion on the forum or drop by on IRC.
Thank you!
We hope you enjoy using Manjaro!
<big>Manjaro 20.1</big>
我们很高兴发布新的Manjaro Linux 稳定版本, 名为 Mikah 。
Xfce 版依然是我们的旗舰产品,并得到了应有的关注。只有少数发行版可以声称提供这种美观,集成和领先的Xfce体验。在这个版本中,我们发布 Xfce 4.14,主要侧重于使用桌面和窗口管理器来完善用户体验。此外,我们切换到了一个名为Matcha的新主题。新的显示配置文件有一个新功能,它允许你为你的首选显示器配置存储一个或多个配置文件。当连接新显示器时,我们还实现了自动应用配置文件。
我们的 KDE 版提供强大、成熟且功能丰富的 Plasma 5.19 桌面环境,具有独特的外观和感觉,我们在 2020 年春季完全重新设计了新的Breath2主题。Breath2主题包括亮和暗两种版本,启动动画,Konsole配置文件,Yakuake和更多的小细节。我们已经用一些额外的配色方案打磨文本编辑器Kate,并提供Plasma-Simplemenu替代传统的启动器。Manjaro-KDE 拥有一系列最新的20.08版本的kde软件 和其他应用,旨在成为一个多功能、优雅的环境,满足您的所有日常需求。
我们的 Gnome 版本基于 3.36 系列,在许多应用程序和界面的观感上焕然一新,特别是登录和解锁界面。GNOME现在使用新的扩展应用程序管理扩展,该应用具有处理更新、配置、删除、禁用扩展的功能。"请勿打扰"按钮已添加到通知栏的弹出窗口中。启用后,通知将隐藏,除非按钮关闭请勿打扰选项。默认情况下,我们的动态壁纸全天更改其颜色主题。此外,我们更新了GDM,并改进了我们的Gnome-Layout-Switcher。我们更新了预安装的软件包列表,zsh 是新的默认shell,应用程序现在被放到一个应用程序抽屉中。
Pamac 9.5 系列收到了一些更新。在这一轮中,我们优化了内部检查的 dep 算法,以实现更智能的性能,增强了 alpm 错误处理,优化了内部搜索算法,以便更好地支持正则表达式并改进了数据库性能。现在,我们还构建 AUR 包,并在一次运行中尽可能多地安装它们。
Manjaro 架构师通过提供所需的内核模块来支持在ZFS文件系统下安装。
这次升级的内核为 5.8 ,包含了迄今为止最新可用的驱动程序。与上次安装介质发布相比,我们的工具得到了改进和打磨。
我们希望您喜欢这个版本, 同时让我们知道你对 Mikah 的想法。
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