Commit df37f9d0 authored by Bernhard Landauer's avatar Bernhard Landauer

reflect gitlab migration

parent 2e9a2d4f
......@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@
"save_path": "~/.config/manjaro-hello.json",
"ui_path": "/usr/share/manjaro-hello/ui/",
"urls": {
"development": "",
"development": "",
"chat": "|?#manjaro",
"donate": "",
"facebook": "",
......@@ -548,8 +548,8 @@ We, the Manjaro Developers, hope that you will enjoy using Manjaro as much as we
<property name="program_name">Manjaro Hello</property>
<property name="version">0.5.11</property>
<property name="comments" translatable="yes">Welcome screen for Manjaro</property>
<property name="website"></property>
<property name="website_label">GitHub</property>
<property name="website"></property>
<property name="website_label">GitLab</property>
<property name="authors">Hugo Posnic
Johnathan Jenkins</property>
<property name="translator_credits">abdelhak gasmi
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