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Change default settings for MSN

Hi @Kirek , @philmmanjaro do you think to change this default settings ?
see this video : https://youtu.be/QLETVR07uU8?t=8m
Do you think or expalin what you mean with new kernel reccomended .. also because we ship the Isos with  LTS kernel we ( with this modify )
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......@@ -301,10 +301,10 @@ Notifier::loadConfiguration()
QSettings settings( "manjaro", "manjaro-settings-manager" );
m_checkLanguagePackage = settings.value( "notifications/checkLanguagePackages", true ).toBool();
m_checkUnsupportedKernel = settings.value( "notifications/checkUnsupportedKernel", true ).toBool();
m_checkUnsupportedKernelRunning = settings.value( "notifications/checkUnsupportedKernelRunning", false ).toBool();
m_checkUnsupportedKernelRunning = settings.value( "notifications/checkUnsupportedKernelRunning", true ).toBool();
m_checkNewKernel = settings.value( "notifications/checkNewKernel", true ).toBool();
m_checkNewKernelLts = settings.value( "notifications/checkNewKernelLts", false ).toBool();
m_checkNewKernelRecommended = settings.value( "notifications/checkNewKernelRecommended", true ).toBool();
m_checkNewKernelLts = settings.value( "notifications/checkNewKernelLts", true ).toBool();
m_checkNewKernelRecommended = settings.value( "notifications/checkNewKernelRecommended", false ).toBool();
m_checkKernel = m_checkUnsupportedKernel | m_checkNewKernel;
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