Commit 48b59efc authored by Frede Hundewadt's avatar Frede Hundewadt

updated CHANGELOG for issue #136 with fix

version increment for bug fix to 4.11.2
parent 9ddefc5b
# Change Log
All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.
## [4.11.2]
* Final build with fix for [#136](
* The change of call to gettext in the i18n module to return unicode messages fixed the issue.
## [4.11.1dev]
* Attempt to fix [#136](
* The issue manifests when the translation makes use of unicode chars (Hungarian) maybe others
* The call to gettext in the i18n module has been changed to return unicode messages.
## [4.11.0] 2018-06-22
* Added : Implemented issue [#135](
* Description : A non-reponsive mirror is eliminated from the mirrorlist
__version__ = "4.11.1dev"
__version__ = "4.11.2"
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