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* Submit a pull request through the GitHub website.
## Test Guidelines
make test
### Generated Mirrorlist Verification
From experience it is so easy to forget verification of the generated mirrorlists.
As the mirrorlists can be generated in a variety of ways - a list of verifications is presented here.
1. `sudo pacman-mirrors -c all`
2. `sudo pacman-mirrors -f`
3. `sudo pacman-mirrors -c Germany`
4. `sudo pacman-mirrors -c Germany -i`
5. `sudo pacman-mirrors -aPhttps -c Germany`
6. `sudo pacman-mirrors -aPhttps,http -c Germany -i`
7. `sudo pacman-mirrors -aPhttp,https -c Germany`
8. `sudo pacman-mirrors -aPhttps,ftp -c Germany`
9. `sudo pacman-mirrors -aPhttps,ftp -c Germany`
All urls in the mirrorlist **must** end with **$repo/$arch**
## Pull Request Guidelines
Before you submit a pull request, check that it meets these guidelines:
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