Commit 24506f9a authored by Hugo Posnic's avatar Hugo Posnic

Make two strings translatables

parent 4b4e794e
......@@ -99,14 +99,14 @@ class PacmanMirrors(Gtk.Window):
def done(self, button):
# Confirm choice
dialog = Gtk.Dialog("Are you sure?", None, 0,
dialog = Gtk.Dialog(_("Are you sure?"), None, 0,
(Gtk.STOCK_CANCEL, Gtk.ResponseType.CANCEL,
Gtk.STOCK_OK, Gtk.ResponseType.OK))
box = dialog.get_content_area()
box.add(Gtk.Label("Are you sure to replace your list of mirrors?"))
box.add(Gtk.Label(_("Are you sure to replace your list of mirrors?")))
response =
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