Commit 7fe9b82f authored by Hugo Posnic's avatar Hugo Posnic

Fix bug

parent 4ef85f00
......@@ -90,7 +90,7 @@ class GraphicalUI(Gtk.Window):
self.is_done = False
def on_toggle(self, path):
def on_toggle(self, widget, path):
"""Add or remove server from custom list"""
self.mirrors_liststore[path][0] = not self.mirrors_liststore[path][0]
if self.mirrors_liststore[path][0]:
......@@ -103,12 +103,12 @@ class GraphicalUI(Gtk.Window):
def cancel(self):
def cancel(self, button):
"""Cancel mirrorlist"""
self.custom_list = []
def done(self):
def done(self, button):
"""Confirm choice"""
dialog = Gtk.Dialog(txt.I_CONFIRM_SELECTION, None, 0, (
Gtk.STOCK_CANCEL, Gtk.ResponseType.CANCEL,
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