Commit cad9f87c authored by Guillaume Benoit's avatar Guillaume Benoit

Merge branch 'papajoke-master-patch-95666' into 'master'

v7.2 compatible

See merge request applications/pamac!440
parents c7284d94 82a4ee01
......@@ -8,14 +8,17 @@ def on_emit_action (transaction, action, data):
def on_emit_action_progress (transaction, action, status, progress, data):
print("{} {}".format(action, status))
print(f"{action} {status}")
def on_emit_hook_progress (transaction, action, details, status, progress, data):
print(f"{action} {details} {status}")
def on_emit_warning (transaction, message, data):
def on_emit_error (transaction, message, details, details_length, data):
if details_length > 0:
for detail in details:
......@@ -29,9 +32,10 @@ def start_transaction():
to_remove = []
to_load = []
to_build = []
temporary_ignorepkgs = []
overwrite_files = []
if transaction.get_lock():
transaction.start (to_install, to_remove, to_load, to_build, overwrite_files)
transaction.start (to_install, to_remove, to_load, to_build, temporary_ignorepkgs, overwrite_files)
# launch a loop to wait for finished signal to be emitted
......@@ -48,6 +52,7 @@ if __name__ == "__main__":
data = None
transaction.connect ("emit-action", on_emit_action, data)
transaction.connect ("emit-action-progress", on_emit_action_progress, data)
transaction.connect ("emit-hook-progress", on_emit_hook_progress, data)
transaction.connect ("emit-error", on_emit_error, data)
transaction.connect ("emit-warning", on_emit_warning, data)
transaction.connect ("finished", on_trans_finished, data)
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