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  • v4.1.8
    f79a487f · [release] v4.1.8 ·
    • Fix installation of AUR split-packages (#192)
    • Fix wrong tooltip text in preferences dialog (#196)
    • Make left sidebar resizable/expandable
    • Update copyright to year 2017
    • Update translations
  • v4.1.7
    68f5de67 · [bump] v4.1.7 ·
    • Add multiple words search within AUR (#183)
    • Fix freeze, when quick scrolling on refresh period setting
    • Add vala 0.36 support
    • Update translations
  • v4.1.6
    eead5655 · [Translations] update ·
    • added timeout to let the time to the daemon to correctly quit after auto refresh
    • added a feature to "transfer" the filter text to the search box, when it is selected
    • added package description in a tooltip, if window size truncates it
    • added option to copy name package from overlap "details" or from descriptions
    • improved transaction cancellation
    • use pkgbase name for yaourt to avoid multiple builds
    • translations updated
  • v4.1.5
    e4b6528b · bump ·
    • remove no more needed dep for some binaries
    • improve custom sort function for search results
    • add a dedicated install_pamac-tray-appindicator rule in Makefile
    • add a different name for appindicator tray in desktop file
    • update translations
  • v4.1.4
    e2eb81c9 · bump ·
    • enable left click action in tray icon when using KDE
    • move appindicator support to an optional binary pamac-tray-appindicator
    • update translations
  • v4.1.3
    d2814514 · update translations ·
    • be polite and wait for mhwd-live script (FS#14)
    • add clearer strings for pacache options
    • simplify intern transaction handling
    • if db is locked, wait for pacman if running else remove the lock
    • remove no more needed security
    • permit systemd to log paccache output
    • add a systemd timer unit to monthly generate mirrorlist
    • remove no more needed file
    • use appindicator for tray icon if in KDE
    • change to a shorter label for the update notification button
    • update translations
  • v4.1.2
    • Add https mirror support (#112)
    • Some display fixes and improve generate mirror list
    • Really use new mirrorlist when refresh after generate it
    • Fix #155
    • Do not hide infobox if there are important infos
    • Do not show details for unknown error
    • Make columns sortable in updater (#152)
    • Sort search result by relevance (#68 and #134)
    • Add clean cache feature in preferences (as paccache frontend)
    • Add a systemd timer to monthly clean cache (paccache -r)
    • Update translation
  • v4.1.1
    21232e2d · bump ·
    • some display fixes in preferences dialog
    • fix hooks progression display
    • fix download size calculation (#141)
    • fix window size with long description text (#145)
    • fix back arrow button after update (#143)
  • v4.1.0
    81b72f76 · update translations ·
    • fix recurse option
    • remove no more needed files
    • fix history dialog to load pacman.log
    • lower default window size of pamac
    • fix local package installer
    • fix issue with AUR package not staying deselected
    • integrated progressbar and terminal view
    • update translations
  • v4.0.0   brand new design

    Brand new design:

    • double click on a package name to view details.
    • in dependencies view, click on a dependency to view its details
    • you can continue browsing packages while a transaction is running
  • v3.2.1   smarter search bar and fixes
    f7be6e1e · fix #108 ·
  • v3.2.0
    • now transaction functions are a library
    • add install location variables in Makefile
    • move alpm functions in a separate file
    • better error handling
  • v3.1.0
    • use AUR rpc v5, so now we display dependencies for AUR packages
    • use a custom download function for more control like a longer timeout for slow connection and a better download cancellation
    • updated translations
    • other little fixes
  • v3.0.1
    f4385c06 · bump version ·
    • update year of copyright
    • fix #95 and other fixes
    • remove debug build flags
    • fix #94, do not show tabs if there are only repos updates
    • better hooks support
    • fixes in displaying download time remaining
    • fix #96, do not auto-hide progress window when details are visible
    • update translations
  • v3.0.0
    00553e5e · v3.0.0 ·
    • pacman 5 support
    • AUR package now display in a separate list
    • display time remaining for downloads
    • many speed improvements
    • improved notification handling thanks to pointhi
  • v2.4.3
    • make manager window sensitive when history is shown
    • update translations
    • do not list optional deps in orphans
    • add build_date for repo pkgs and details tab for AUR pkgs
  • v2.4.2
    • do not refresh is refresh_period is 0
    • use GLib.format_size
    • update translations
  • v2.4.1
    c6eac457 · v2.4.1 ·
    • show optional_for in deps list and show a warning on optdeps removal
    • add missing translations of optional_for
    • move polkit check authorization in one function
    • use satisfier for AUR and mirrors support
    • search AUR button off by default
    • add search in AUR by default option
    • update translations
  • v2.4.0   new preferences dialog

    New preferences dialog with many new options:

    • enable/disable check for updates (which enable/disable pamac-tray)
    • hide or not the tray icon when no update available
    • new menu to choose upgrades to ignore
    • official repos tab is hidden when pacman-mirrorlist is not installed (compatibility whith Archlinux)
    • new button to refresh mirrors list
    • AUR support disable if yaourt is not installed
    • enable/disable check updates from AUR
    • enable/disable confirmation when building packages (--noconfirm)
  • v2.3.3
    921745e4 · bump version ·
    • add linux4 support for auto-modules installation
    • fix this annoying #54