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  • v4.9.1
    Release v4.9.1

    This is a bugfix release of v4.9 series:

    • fix #267
    • some fixes
    • sync with transifex
  • v4.9.0
    d661c573 · v4.9.0 ·
    Release v4.9.0
    • Updater and manager are now merged
    • The dbus daemon is now splitted:
      • read database operations are made by a dbus daemon running as user
      • write database operarions are made by a dbus daemon running as root
    • Updates check is now made as user using a database in a temporary directory to avoid partial updates
  • v4.3.7
    Release v4.3.7
    • fix issue with download of GPG keys (#260)
    • fix issue with reinstall-button for AUR packages (#228)
    • fix issue with keyboard shortcuts after installing packages (#244)
    • show build details only on failure
    • add Alt+Left (back) and Ctrl+F (search) keybindings
    • launch manager on left click on tray if no update
    • fix .files dl progress display
    • translations: update Catalan
  • v4.3.6
    eb9cfd0a · v4.3.6 ·
    Release v4.3.6
    • fix cursor display at start
    • show tray icon before check updates
    • improve daemon quit
    • other small fixes
  • v4.3.5
    Release v4.3.5
    • fix #236
    • do not force CSD in dialogs
    • adjust pacman-mirrors.conf writing
    • fix hook output display
    • remove lockfile only if it's older than boot time
    • Refresh Databases option now forces the refresh
  • v4.3.4
    Release v4.3.4
    • [translations] sync with transifex
    • add new pacman-mirrors support
    • auto run pacman-db-upgrade if needed
    • more explicit message on download error
    • fix #146
    • fix #199
    • fix #242
  • v4.3.3
    Release v4.3.3
    • Fix some issues with AUR
    • Update translations
  • v4.3.2
    Release v4.3.2
    • fix #227, enable AUR package reinstall
    • update translations
  • v4.3.1
    Release v4.3.1
    • ask password before building
    • fix http error 416
    • other fixes
  • v4.3.0
    Release v4.3.0
    • Now use intern functions for building packages from AUR with deps resolution.
    • Files db support (list of files for uninstalled packages)
    • Add Explicitly installed packages in States
    • Packager mail clickable
    • Add Ctrl+Q and Ctrl+W shortcuts to close Pamac
    • Other fixes and improvements
  • v4.2.11
    a00d5ca8 · bump ·
    Release v4.2.11
    • fix updater refresh
    • fix #212
    • update translations
  • v4.2.10
    Release v4.2.10
    • fix #197
    • fix #206
    • remove no more needed check in depstring
    • update README
    • fix build directory permission
    • fix #208
    • optimize dl function
    • fix build cancellation
    • [translations] sync with transifex
  • v4.2.9
    deda8208 · implement build functions ·
    Release v4.2.9
    • Remove yaourt dependency by implementing intern functions for building packages from AUR with deps resolution.
    • Packager mail clickable
    • Other fixes
  • v4.2.0
    Release v4.2.0
    • added pkg.tar.gz format support
    • remove no more need search_aur_button
    • fix #194
    • update translations
  • v4.1.8
    f79a487f · [release] v4.1.8 ·
    Release v4.1.8
    • Fix installation of AUR split-packages (#192)
    • Fix wrong tooltip text in preferences dialog (#196)
    • Make left sidebar resizable/expandable
    • Update copyright to year 2017
    • Update translations
  • v4.1.7
    68f5de67 · [bump] v4.1.7 ·
    Release v4.1.7
    • Add multiple words search within AUR (#183)
    • Fix freeze, when quick scrolling on refresh period setting
    • Add vala 0.36 support
    • Update translations
  • v4.1.6
    eead5655 · [Translations] update ·
    Release v4.1.6
    • added timeout to let the time to the daemon to correctly quit after auto refresh
    • added a feature to "transfer" the filter text to the search box, when it is selected
    • added package description in a tooltip, if window size truncates it
    • added option to copy name package from overlap "details" or from descriptions
    • improved transaction cancellation
    • use pkgbase name for yaourt to avoid multiple builds
    • translations updated
  • v4.1.5
    e4b6528b · bump ·
    Release v4.1.5
    • remove no more needed dep for some binaries
    • improve custom sort function for search results
    • add a dedicated install_pamac-tray-appindicator rule in Makefile
    • add a different name for appindicator tray in desktop file
    • update translations
  • v4.1.4
    e2eb81c9 · bump ·
    Release v4.1.4
    • enable left click action in tray icon when using KDE
    • move appindicator support to an optional binary pamac-tray-appindicator
    • update translations
  • v4.1.3
    d2814514 · update translations ·
    Release v4.1.3
    • be polite and wait for mhwd-live script (FS#14)
    • add clearer strings for pacache options
    • simplify intern transaction handling
    • if db is locked, wait for pacman if running else remove the lock
    • remove no more needed security
    • permit systemd to log paccache output
    • add a systemd timer unit to monthly generate mirrorlist
    • remove no more needed file
    • use appindicator for tray icon if in KDE
    • change to a shorter label for the update notification button
    • update translations