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  • v9.1.1
    197a8a00 · v9.1.1 ·
    Release v9.1.1
    • fixes
    • translations update
  • v9.2.0
    a7c1cc0d · v9.2.0 ·
    Release v9.2.0
    • libpamac:
      • reintroduce Checkspace and Ignorepkgs options support from pacman.conf
      • add SimpleInstall option to not check updates when installing
      • pamac-daemon is its own binary and no longer depends on libpamac
      • Updates class now has ignored_repos_updates and ignored_aur_updates properties
      • add dependency-checker binary for Manjaro dev
      • updated translations
      • fixes
    • cli:
      • building a package with --builddir option will force --keep option
      • if run as root and AUR support is enabled just warn and disable it
      • install command: add --download-only (-w), --as-deps, --as-explicit and --no-upgrade options
      • reinstall command: add --as-deps and --as-explicit options
      • remove command: add --unneeded (-u) and --no-save (-n) options
      • search command: add --installed (-i) and --repos (-r) options
      • fixes
    • gtk:
      • add an Advanced tab in preferences dialog with the new options
      • better sorting pkgs by relevance
      • fixes
  • v9.2.1
    8b3e8b9c · v9.2.1 ·
    Release v9.2.1
    • improve lists sorting
    • fix user agent
    • updated translations
  • v9.2.2
    72956dd6 · v9.2.2 ·
    Release v9.2.2
    • better error messages
    • add all package extensions support (including zst)
    • updated translations
    • fixes
  • v9.3.0
    f55eb3d5 · v9.3.0 ·
    Release v9.3.0
    • more robust and reliable transaction backend
    • [gtk] improve sort by relevance
    • fixes
    • updated translations