Commit 53960f75 authored by Manuel Barrette's avatar Manuel Barrette

Briefly mentionned the Architect installer

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......@@ -3207,11 +3207,17 @@ Welcome to Manjaro!
\begin_layout Standard
The welcome screen gives some links to common tasks, documentation and the
support channels.
There are also links to the installation programs.
There is also a link to the Calamares graphical installation program.
Don't worry if you close the welcome screen: you can load it again, and
all the links are also present elsewhere in the menus.
\begin_layout Standard
On the desktop, a shortcut to the Manjaro Architect installer is also available,
although it is not aimed at beginners.
It is the same that is available in the Architect edition.
\begin_layout Subsection
Change the keyboard layout
......@@ -3253,6 +3259,7 @@ status open
\begin_layout Plain Layout
The keyboard layout can be changed in the Calamares installer.
It will instantly be applied to the Live environment.
However, you can also change it in the
\series bold
Xfce settings
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