Commit 22064520 authored by Matti Hyttinen's avatar Matti Hyttinen
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Add user to sys group for printing and input group for gestures support

parent 243566dd
......@@ -966,7 +966,7 @@ create_new_user() {
# Create the user, set password, then remove temporary password file
arch_chroot "groupadd ${USER}"
arch_chroot "useradd ${USER} -m -g ${USER} -G wheel,storage,power,network,video,audio,lp -s $shell" 2>$ERR
arch_chroot "useradd ${USER} -m -g ${USER} -G wheel,storage,power,network,video,audio,lp,sys,input -s $shell" 2>$ERR
check_for_error "add user to groups" $?
echo -e "${PASSWD}\n${PASSWD}" > /tmp/.passwd
arch_chroot "passwd ${USER}" < /tmp/.passwd >/dev/null 2>$ERR
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