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Fixed typo:

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......@@ -164,7 +164,7 @@ _LvmLvNumBody1="Enter the number of Logical Volumes (LVs) to create in"
_LvmLvNumBody2="The last (or only) LV will automatically use 100% of the remaining space in the Volume Group."
_LvmLvNameBody1="Enter the name of the Logical Volume (LV) to create.\n\nThis is like setting a name or label for a partition."
_LvmLvNameBody2="NOTE: This LV will automatically use up all space remaining on the Volume Group"
_LvmLvNameErrBody="Name is in use or not valid. Use alpha-numeric charactes only, no spaces or '/'!"
_LvmLvNameErrBody="Name is in use or not valid. Use alpha-numeric characters only, no spaces or '/'!"
_LvmLvSizeBody2="Enter the size of the Logical Volume (LV) in Megabytes (M) or Gigabytes (G).\nFor example:\n100M will create a 100 Megabyte LV, 10G will create a 10 Gigabyte LV."
_LvmLvSizeErrBody="Invalid value entered.\nA numeric value must be entered with an 'M' (Megabytes) or a 'G' (Gigabytes) at the end.\nExamples include, 100M, 10G, or 250M.\nThe value may also not be equal to or greater than the remaining size of the VG!"
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