Commit b4f2c600 authored by Dan Johansen's avatar Dan Johansen
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fix SSL, package installation and make it prettier.

parent 7e74b9d6
......@@ -49,6 +49,13 @@ msg() {
printf "${GREEN}==>${ALL_OFF}${BOLD} ${mesg}${ALL_OFF}\n" "$@" >&2
info() {
local mesg=$1; shift
printf "${BLUE} ->${ALL_OFF}${BOLD} ${mesg}${ALL_OFF}\n" "$@" >&2
usage_build_installer() {
echo "Usage: ${0##*/} [options]"
......@@ -72,6 +79,7 @@ show_elapsed_time(){
getarmprofiles () {
info "Getting package lists ready for $DEVICE $EDITION edition..."
if ls $TMPDIR/arm-profiles/* 1> /dev/null 2>&1; then
cd $TMPDIR/arm-profiles
git pull 1> /dev/null 2>&1
......@@ -94,30 +102,30 @@ create_install() {
msg "Creating install for $DEVICE..."
# fetch and extract rootfs
msg "Downloading latest $ARCH rootfs..."
info "Downloading latest $ARCH rootfs..."
wget -q --show-progress --progress=bar:force:noscroll$ARCH-latest.tar.gz
msg "Extracting $ARCH rootfs..."
info "Extracting $ARCH rootfs..."
sudo bsdtar -xpf $TMPDIR/Manjaro-ARM-$ARCH-latest.tar.gz -C $TMPDIR/root
msg "Setting up keyrings..."
info "Setting up keyrings..."
$NSPAWN $TMPDIR/root pacman-key --init 1> /dev/null 2>&1
$NSPAWN $TMPDIR/root pacman-key --populate archlinuxarm manjaro manjaro-arm 1> /dev/null 2>&1
msg "Installing packages for $EDITION on $DEVICE..."
info "Installing packages for $EDITION on $DEVICE..."
# Install device and editions specific packages
$NSPAWN $TMPDIR/root pacman -Syy base $PKG_DEVICE $PKG_EDITION --needed --noconfirm
$NSPAWN $TMPDIR/root pacman -Syyu base $PKG_DEVICE $PKG_EDITION --noconfirm
msg "Enabling services..."
info "Enabling services..."
# Enable services
$NSPAWN $TMPDIR/root systemctl enable systemd-networkd.service haveged.service dhcpcd.service 1> /dev/null 2>&1
$NSPAWN $TMPDIR/root systemctl enable $SRV_EDITION 1> /dev/null 2>&1
msg "Applying overlay for $EDITION..."
info "Applying overlay for $EDITION..."
sudo cp -ap $TMPDIR/arm-profiles/overlays/$EDITION/* $TMPDIR/root/
msg "Setting up users..."
info "Setting up users..."
#setup users
echo "$USER" > $TMPDIR/user
echo "$PASSWORD" >> $TMPDIR/password
......@@ -129,20 +137,20 @@ create_install() {
$NSPAWN $TMPDIR/root passwd $(cat $TMPDIR/user) < $TMPDIR/password 1> /dev/null 2>&1
msg "Enabling user services..."
info "Enabling user services..."
if [[ "$EDITION" = "minimal" ]] || [[ "$EDITION" = "server" ]]; then
echo "No user services for $EDITION edition"
$NSPAWN $TMPDIR/root --user $(cat $TMPDIR/user) systemctl --user enable pulseaudio.service 1> /dev/null 2>&1
msg "Setting up system settings..."
info "Setting up system settings..."
#system setup
$NSPAWN $TMPDIR/root chmod u+s /usr/bin/ping 1> /dev/null 2>&1
sudo rm -f $ROOTFS_IMG/rootfs_$ARCH/etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt
sudo rm -f $ROOTFS_IMG/rootfs_$ARCH/etc/ca-certificates/extracted/tls-ca-bundle.pem
sudo cp -a /etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt $ROOTFS_IMG/rootfs_$ARCH/etc/ssl/certs/
sudo cp -a /etc/ca-certificates/extracted/tls-ca-bundle.pem $ROOTFS_IMG/rootfs_$ARCH/etc/ca-certificates/extracted/
sudo rm -f $TMPDIR/root/etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt
sudo rm -f $TMPDIR/root/etc/ca-certificates/extracted/tls-ca-bundle.pem
sudo cp -a /etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt $TMPDIR/root/etc/ssl/certs/
sudo cp -a /etc/ca-certificates/extracted/tls-ca-bundle.pem $TMPDIR/root/etc/ca-certificates/extracted/
$NSPAWN $TMPDIR/root ln -sf /usr/share/zoneinfo/"$TIMEZONE" /etc/localtime 1> /dev/null 2>&1
$NSPAWN $TMPDIR/root sed -i s/"#$LOCALE"/"$LOCALE"/g /etc/locale.gen 1> /dev/null 2>&1
echo "LANG=$LOCALE" | sudo tee --append $TMPDIR/root/etc/locale.conf 1> /dev/null 2>&1
......@@ -151,7 +159,7 @@ create_install() {
$NSPAWN $TMPDIR/root localectl set-x11-keymap $KEYMAP 1> /dev/null 2>&1
echo "$HOSTNAME" | sudo tee --append $TMPDIR/root/etc/hostname 1> /dev/null 2>&1
msg "Doing device specific setups for $DEVICE..."
info "Doing device specific setups for $DEVICE..."
if [[ "$DEVICE" = "rpi2" ]] || [[ "$DEVICE" = "rpi3" ]]; then
echo "dtparam=audio=on" | sudo tee --append $TMPDIR/root/boot/config.txt
echo "hdmi_drive=2" | sudo tee --append $TMPDIR/root/boot/config.txt
......@@ -165,7 +173,7 @@ create_install() {
echo "No device specific setting needed for $DEVICE"
msg "Cleaning install for unwanted files..."
info "Cleaning install for unwanted files..."
if [[ "$DEVICE" = "oc1" ]] || [[ "$DEVICE" = "rpi2" ]] || [[ "$DEVICE" = "xu4" ]]; then
sudo rm $TMPDIR/root/usr/bin/qemu-arm-static
......@@ -173,6 +181,7 @@ create_install() {
sudo rm -rf $TMPDIR/root/var/cache/pacman/pkg/*
sudo rm -rf $TMPDIR/root/var/log/*
sudo rm -rf $TMPDIR/root/usr/lib/systemd/system/systemd-firstboot.service
# Remove temp files on host
sudo rm -rf $TMPDIR/user $TMPDIR/password $TMPDIR/rootpassword
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