Commit 3fc5c85a authored by Dan Johansen's avatar Dan Johansen

fix spaces in edition chooser

parent fae69286
......@@ -477,7 +477,7 @@ if [ ! -z "$DEVICE" ]; then
EDITION=$(dialog --clear --title "Manjaro ARM Installer" \
--menu "Choose an edition:" 20 75 10 \
"minimal" "Minimal Edition (only CLI)" \
"kde-plasma" "Full KDE/Plasma Desktop (full featured)" \
"kde-plasma""Full KDE/Plasma Desktop (full featured)" \
"xfce" "Full XFCE desktop and apps (full featured)" \
"mate" "Full MATE desktop and apps (lightweight)" \
"lxqt" "Full LXQT Desktop and apps (lightweight)" \
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