Commit bb12a5e8 authored by Dan Johansen's avatar Dan Johansen

add new sddm theme for sddm-compat tweaks

parent c9a815a6
......@@ -137,11 +137,11 @@ create_install() {
$NSPAWN $TMPDIR/root pacman -Syyu base $PKG_DEVICE $PKG_EDITION --noconfirm
if [[ "$DEVICE" = "on2" ]] || [[ "$DEVICE" = "rpi4" ]] || [[ "$DEVICE" = "vim3" ]]; then
if [[ "$EDITION" = "kde" ]] || [[ "$EDITION" = "cubocore" ]]; then
$NSPAWN $TMPDIR/root pacman -R sddm sddm-kcm --noconfirm
$NSPAWN $TMPDIR/root pacman -S sddm-compat sddm-kcm --noconfirm
$NSPAWN $TMPDIR/root pacman -R sddm sddm-kcm matcha-dynamic-theme --noconfirm
$NSPAWN $TMPDIR/root pacman -S sddm-compat sddm-kcm matcha-dynamic-theme --noconfirm
elif [[ "$EDITION" = "lxqt" ]]; then
$NSPAWN $TMPDIR/root pacman -R sddm sddm-qt-manjaro-theme --noconfirm
$NSPAWN $TMPDIR/root pacman -S sddm-compat sddm-qt-manjaro-theme --noconfirm
$NSPAWN $TMPDIR/root pacman -R sddm matcha-dynamic-theme --noconfirm
$NSPAWN $TMPDIR/root pacman -S sddm-compat matcha-dynamic-theme --noconfirm
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