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......@@ -7,21 +7,26 @@ This software is available in the Manjaro repository.
## Known issues
Check the [Issues]( page.
## Dependencies
These scripts rely on certain packages to be able to function. These packages are:
These scripts rely on certain packages, other than what's in the `base` package group, to be able to function. These packages are:
* parted (arch repo)
* manjaro-tools-base (manjaro repo)
* xz (arch repo)
* libarchive (arch repo)
* git (arch repo)
* binfmt-user-static (AUR) or manjaro-arm-qemu-static (manjaro repo)
* dosfstools (arch repo)
* polkit (arch repo)
* gnugpg (arch repo)
* wget (arch repo)
* systemd-nspawn with support for `--resolv-conf=copy-host` (arch repo)
### Optional Dependencies
* gzip (arch repo) (for `builddockerimg`)
* docker (arch repo) (for `builddockkerimg`)
* mktorrent (arch repo) (for torrent support in `deployarmimg`)
* rsync (arch repo) (for `deployarmimg`)
# Installation (Manjaro based distributions only)
## GIT version from Manjaro Strit repo
......@@ -31,7 +36,7 @@ Add my repo to your `/etc/pacman.conf`:
SigLevel = Optional
Server =$arch
Run `sudo pacman -Syyu manjaro-strit-keyring && sudo pacman -S manjaro-arm-tools-git`.
Run `sudo pacman -Syyu manjaro-arm-tools-git`.
## From gitlab (tagged or GIT version)
* Download the `.zip` or `.tar.gz` file from
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