Commit f78f352e authored by Dan Johansen's avatar Dan Johansen

remove unused

parent 0af190ad
#! /bin/bash
# This script is meant to be run via SSH to the server.
# Variables
# Run repo add on folder to add new package and cleanup old versions
sudo systemd-nspawn -D /opt/repo/ repo-add -q -n -R /mirror/stable/$arch/$repo/$repo.db.tar.gz /mirror/stable/$arch/$repo/$package
if [[ $arch == "any" ]]; then
# create new symlinks
cd /opt/repo/mirror/stable/any/$repo/ &&
for f in *
ln -s ../../any/$repo/"$f" ../../armv7h/$repo/"$f"
ln -s ../../any/$repo/"$f" ../../aarch64/$repo/"$f"
# then we remove broken symlinks
cd /opt/repo/mirror/stable/armv7h/$repo/ &&
for x in * .[!.]* ..?*; do if [ -L "$x" ] && ! [ -e "$x" ]; then rm -- "$x"; fi; done
cd /opt/repo/mirror/stable/aarch64/$repo/ &&
for x in * .[!.]* ..?*; do if [ -L "$x" ] && ! [ -e "$x" ]; then rm -- "$x"; fi; done
# and now we update the databases in armv7h and aarch64
sudo systemd-nspawn -D /opt/repo/ repo-add -q -n -R /mirror/stable/armv7h/$repo/$repo.db.tar.gz /mirror/stable/armv7h/$repo/$package
sudo systemd-nspawn -D /opt/repo/ repo-add -q -n -R /mirror/stable/aarch64/$repo/$repo.db.tar.gz /mirror/stable/aarch64/$repo/$package
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