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# manjaro-arm-installer
Scripts for installing Manjaro ARM directly to SD/eMMC cards without the need for images.
This script is "interactive". Meaning that it asks you questions when run to customize your install. Like username, password etc.
## Dependencies (Arch package names):
* bash
* wget
* git
* systemd
* dialog
* parted
* libarchive
* binfmt-qemu-static
* debian-whois-mkpasswd
* gawk
## Installing:
To use this script, please make sure that the following is correct:
* an **empty** SD/eMMC card with at least 8 GB storage is plugged in.
* that your user account has `sudo` rights.
## Usage:
To use this script, simple run it with sudo as normal user:
sudo manjaro-arm-installer
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