Commit 3b7dd583 authored by Helmut Stult's avatar Helmut Stult

[pkg-upd] 1.2.1-1

parent c780b51f
......@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@
# Contributor: Robin Lange <robin dot langenc at gmail dot com>
pkgdesc="Management utility to handle GPU switching for Optimus laptops"
......@@ -58,6 +58,8 @@ After installation, the optimus-manager daemon should have been started automati
* **Bumblebee :** optimus-manager is incompatible with Bumblebee since both tools would be trying to control GPU power switching at the same time. If Bumblebee is installed, you must disable its daemon (`sudo systemctl disable bumblebeed.service`, then reboot). This is particularly important for Manjaro users since Bumblebee is installed by default.
* **nvidia-xrun :** if you have previously installed nvidia-xrun by following [instructions]( on the Arch Wiki, make sure all its configuration files are removed. See issue (
* **GPU monitoring apps** : if you have an application (or tray widget) that automatically monitors the Nvidia GPU for things like load, temperature, VRAM usage, etc, make sure it is not running before switching to Intel mode. Those applications work by constantly polling the nvidia driver, which may prevent it from being unloaded by optimus-manager.
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