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ver 5.245.0

Alexey Andreyev requested to merge aa13q/kwindowsystem:kf6 into master

Hello! Not sure is it necessary or is it automated with the build server, new alpha KF6 release is here:

general announce:

There's also similar PKGBUILD for archlinux for a reference:

And there's also kwindowsystem5 package so I'm confused a bit (not sure where is the appropriate pkgbuild too)

I'm trying to build fresh arm image with:

sudo buildarmimg -d pinephone -e plasma-mobile-dev -k kde-unstable -b unstable -n

and getting errors like:

Packages (804)
# ...
# ...
error: failed to commit transaction (conflicting files)
/usr/lib/qt6/plugins/kf6/kwindowsystem/ exists in both 'kwindowsystem' and 'kwayland-integration'

Hope that helps

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