Authored by Danielle Phillips

Learning from Mentors

Finding out the factors that will ensure that mentoring programs are a success

The quality of any teacher is the most dynamic pyramid for student success. In addition, for more than a decade, many of the discussions held on various forums related to the mentoring; the large body of evidence presents a clear result that the investment in mentoring programs is a smart bet within the educational institutions.

A few years ago, I switched my job and moved from the media industry to the educational sector. I was unable to make up the mind to get evolved in the new environment, however, I turned to the mentoring program. I was already looking for some guidance and looked at some other personals that can help me in this regard.

Well, in any industry, mentors are well-trained, experienced and have the ultimate time span to guide the new and average teachers in becoming them good and great at the same time. Many times, the teachers are from poor families and do not have many resources or the experience, they need instructional mentoring that provides a chance to bridge the gap and provide them the opportunity to succeed.

Now, with more than two decades of teaching and attending multiple instructional mentoring programs across the state, I believe that there are three factors, which are critical in making the difference.

The right Teachers or let say ‘Mentors’

This is the only way that the high profile instructional mentoring programs are a success. The ultimate demand from the teachers is what determines the proposed mentoring programs and how one can individually manage the stigma of mentoring. It also helps the teachers to learn from these programs and help the students in getting success in their academic careers.

The path to keep up the expectations and find good mentors is very tricky. You have to identify the high-performer and then get time to be a part of the mentoring. There are however many mentoring programs where the top-performing educators are realizing the student learning as a means of communication. However, every district does have capable mentors and thus they need to hire effective and capable mentors to deliver the program.

Providing instructional support

Just like a communal tree that is watered once a week, although it is good to water the tree daily, still many people do not try to water in the hope that it might foster the growth. The only job that a mentor needs to work closely on is to help the new teacher and narrow down the gap of applying the knowledge with the best possible techniques. Many times, a lack of coordination can ruin the whole lesson.

Many of the programs are designed to provide concrete training to the new teachers and making them align with the latest resources, tool and most important the strategies. These are just important for the new teachers to understand the information that is provided to them and carry a road map seeking vision to quality learning and teaching.

Maintaining a partnership

The management has a very important role in the successful completion of the mentoring programs. It has been seen very often that the management is themselves NOT capable to observe a class lesson or might also do not have the course and the required information to transform the class into the school condition. The educational system does not have tried to cope with the situation and provide some basic training to the management team to better realize the issues faced by the new teacher.

Final thoughts

What I have learned from the mentoring programs is to remain calm and patient. Sometimes you might feel that this is the only opportunity in your career and you might miss it completely; wait, there are a lot more coming your way. If you have the confidence and the experience, you can easily overcome the challenges that the mentors have to face. I have many people who are following their own goals and ideas are coming to them, from everywhere.

I still imagine the first time I used the management assignment writing service for a research paper for my mentoring program. It is necessary to take advice from renowned companies as you might miss some points. The guidance provided me the chance to choose my career or I would have been writing something else, right now.

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