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Review of New Pipe – An Android Video Downloader App for Every YouTube Lover

You are a big fan of YouTube videos and you want to save your favorite files offline. New Pipe is a great suggestion. It is a lightweight but powerful video download app that everyone should possess.

The First Words

I know that many people used to go through some bad experience with downloading YouTube videos. Even though you can save these videos offline, using the third-party apps is a better choice.

These video downloader apps allow you to stream the video online and also download your favorite ones. By this way, you can store your preferred music and listen to them anytime.

Among the most popular apps out there, New Pipe is a good example in this category. This is an open Android app that is truly worth your downloading.

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What Do You Know about New Pipe?


For those people who are new to this app, it is totally an outstanding Youtube videos supporter. The best part of New Pipe is that it is independent of Google Play framework as well as YouTube API.

Speaking of that, you can install and use this wonderful app on any mobile phones. And of course, Android devices are not a problem at all.

As a result, if you are interested in watching YouTube videos daily, New Pipe is a perfect match for you. It is going to offer the best YouTube experience for users of all ages.

That said, you are able to enjoy the original videos from YouTube. On top of that, you do not have to worry about being annoyed by the pop-up advertisements.

Moreover, the interface is very simple to use, even if you are not good with technology. After using this app for a long time, there is one special feature that I have to mention here.

In particular, you can listen to music in the background player when using New Pipe. I am sure that many people do not understand this feature.

It means that you can enjoy your favorite music from YouTube when using the other apps on your mobile phone. Sounds very interesting and appealing!

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And well, here is the summary of the basic features that New Pipe will give you.

Free to download

Seek your favorite music and videos online

Enjoy the YouTube videos

Download the videos on your mobile phones

Open the videos with high quality and definition, especially 4K videos

Offer the subtitles, the playlist, or the history support for all videos

Provide the channel subscriptions along with the video pop-up setting

No pop-up ads during the usage

What Are The Special Things about New Pipe? I have to admit that there are more and more Android video downloader apps on the current market these days. But why do we should install New Pipe?

Of course, there should be some certain reasons that make this app more valuable. As a consequence, I am going to show you some.

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Fast downloading speed Watching and streaming videos may be easier than downloading them. This process sometimes takes a long time since you may want to download many videos at the same time.

But this issue is not a big deal for New Pipe. This incredible video downloader app aims to provide fast downloading speed for all Android devices.

In addition, it is very straightforward without requiring many complicated steps. Before downloading any videos, you will be asked to choose the video formats, as well as your preferred resolution.

This step is up to you since New Pipe is going to let you have a wide choice for the file format. That is why I am extremely satisfied when using this app up to now.

Protect your personal information Another great thing about the New Pipe is privacy protection. This brilliant app prioritizes your privacy as the most important thing.

Therefore, it ensures that all of your personal data will not be saved or leaked. And of course, they will not collect your information to discover the behavior of the users.

Every user, with no doubt, can trust this app and feel free to search for your own music style every time!

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How Can We Use New Pipe to Download YouTube Videos? If you already have New Pipe on your mobile phone right now, you can immediately download some videos on your own. Let’s check how to do it!

Step 1: Open the New Pipe app.

Step 2: Go to the search bar and enter the name of your favorite videos. You can also type the keywords in case you do not remember the exact full name.

NewPipe screenshot 1


Step 3: Click on one of the videos that are shown on the list.

Step 4: Look for the Download button and click on it.


NewPipe screenshot 6

Step 5: There is a message about the video format and quality. You can select these features based on your preference.

Step 6: This is an optional step. If you desire to change the file name, you can do it easily.

Step 7: Then, just tap on OK button and the downloading is going to start in a moment.

Even the old people can understand these steps. Hence, New Pipe is a suitable app for everyone. Let’s share this HD video download app with other people to help them stream their music in a more convenient way!

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The Final Thoughts

If you still hesitate about this app, it will be a waste in your life. Owning an Android mobile phone means that you should install New Pipe right now.

This is an incredible video downloader app for Android phone that lets you download YouTube videos with the best privacy. Listening to YouTube music without the Internet is not a difficult task anymore.

I have experienced New Pipe and I believe that more people should know about it. However, in case you have any better ideas in this category, please feel free to share them with me anytime.

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