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Check out the following hard and exciting puzzle game on Android

Magic Jigsaw Puzzlesm, one of the best puzzle games - a huge collection of high-quality photos, divided into many components, of which the users will have to add the original image, after selecting the desired options. Animals, architecture, nature, painting, fragments of autumn, charming pets - this is only part of the available categories. In addition, by paying developers a certain amount, you can use pictures taken on the camera of your mobile device as source images, or use pictures from your smartphone’s gallery.
After selecting a category and image, the user can activate translucency (the source will be barely visible), group the puzzles by location (first outline), choose the number of elements into which the picture will be broken, and also make them static or unfolding around its axis gameplay). After collecting the puzzle from such categories as painting or architecture, the gamer is waiting for an excursion into the history of the creation of a canvas or historical structure, which significantly broadens the mind.
Game process: To put separate elements into a single picture is a difficult task, requiring tremendous patience, keen eyes and spatial thinking. And, if it’s interesting to test your skills, and you don’t find a suitable mosaic on hand, then in the puzzle Magic Jigsaw Puzzles, everything is ready! First of all, complexity is selected, and additional elements are configured. For example, you can change the number of active pieces, turn on the “rotation” function and decide on the subject.
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In the process of moving the fragment to its place, it seems to be magnetized, letting the user know that they have chosen the right place. Also, after passing the level, you can save the collected image in the memory of a mobile device or share it with friends via Facebook. Every day, the collection of Magic Jigsaw Puzzles pictures is updated with new free masterpieces, but if you wish, you can purchase pictures from other categories of the game through the in-game store, as well as get rid of obsessive advertising.
Levels and style 
In Magic Jigsaw Puzzles for android a huge variety of pictures - this is nature, and animals, and even rare photos of famous sights. Basically, all the available mosaics fall in random order, but you can also select the appropriate image. Try out this game and beat it to prove that you are a winner right now!
Bottom line
Download Magic Jigsaw Puzzles for Android - a game on Top puzzle game android is recommended for everyone - great entertainment for the evening is provided for both adults and children, and it is even better to get together in a friendly company and start solving unusual problems together! Moreover, it is not necessary to deal with the rules - everything, as in the good old days, is only in the digital version. And with touch controls, it is even more convenient - just drag everything onto the playing field and connect correctly! Just visit the apk store and give this game a try! You will not be disappointed. Have fun!
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