Authored by Frede Hundewadt

Openbox manual installation (18.x)

Packagelist for Openbox installation


  • Copy the file to your computer.
  • Open a terminal in the folder where you copied the file
  • Install it with pacman
sudo pacman -Syu - < openbox.txt --needed

Create a new user or copy the files from the skel folder to your home folder

cp -ir /etc/skel/.* ~/

File conflicts

There is a fair chance you will get file conflicts with this approach. When you do please resolve the conflicting files manually.

The files which can generate conflicts are

  • manjaro-openbox-config
  • manjaro-openbox-desktop-settings

The best approach is to first install these config packages and resolving the conflicts. You can then proceed to install the package list.

Display manager

To set display manager to lightdm with slick-greeter-theme

sudo systemctl enable lightm --force
openbox.txt 2.89 KB
  • Hello busy colleague, I wonder whether you'd mind to include upower?

    As bonus what about showing the output of upower -i $(upower -e | grep BAT) | grep percentage somewhere next to CPU load f.e.?

    For laptop users this will show the battery SOC percentage. For those without battery the result is empty.

    Kind regards, Jan R.I., a worl_d_ev_eloper, worlddevelopment club

    Edited by worlddevelopment club
  • Not all users are laptop users.

    You can easily add it yourself.

    Edit ~/.config/polybar/modules.conf and include the file modules/battery.conf

    Edit ~/.config/polybar/config and insert the battery module where you want it.

    Edited by Frede Hundewadt
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