Authored by Frede Hundewadt

Openbox manual installation (18.x)

Packagelist for Openbox installation


  • Copy the file to your computer.
  • Open a terminal in the folder where you copied the file
  • Install it with pacman
sudo pacman -Syu - < openbox.txt --needed

Create a new user or copy the files from the skel folder to your home folder

cp -ir /etc/skel/.* ~/

File conflicts

There is a fair chance you will get file conflicts with this approach. When you do please resolve the conflicting files manually.

The files which can generate conflicts are

  • manjaro-openbox-config
  • manjaro-openbox-desktop-settings

The best approach is to first install these config packages and resolving the conflicts. You can then proceed to install the package list.

openbox.txt 2.9 KB
  • Hello busy colleague, I wonder whether you'd mind to include upower?

    As bonus what about showing the output of upower -i $(upower -e | grep BAT) | grep percentage somewhere next to CPU load f.e.?

    For laptop users this will show the battery SOC percentage. For those without battery the result is empty.

    Kind regards, Jan R.I., a worl_d_ev_eloper, worlddevelopment club

    Edited by worlddevelopment club
  • Not all users are laptop users.

    You can easily add it yourself.

    Edit ~/.config/polybar/modules.conf and include the file modules/battery.conf

    Edit ~/.config/polybar/config and insert the battery module where you want it.

    Edited by Frede Hundewadt
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