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......@@ -16,12 +16,18 @@ Usage: chrootbuild [options]
default: unstable / arm-unstable)
-c Start with clean chroot fs
-d Disable colors (for better browser display)
-g Push changes to git when building lists
-i <pkg> Install local package (specify full path!)
-l <list> List to build
-m Use 'mobile' repo (aarch64 only)
-n Install built pkg to chroot fs (default when building lists)
-p <pkg> Package to build
-r Remove previously built packages in $PKGDEST
-r Use custom chrootdir path
default: /var/lib/chrootbuild
-s Sign package(s)
-u Build pkgs only if newer than repo (lists only)
-x Remove previously built packages in $PKGDEST
**NOTE:** For multiple lists or packages repeat the respective flag. Example `sudo chrootbuild -csrl list-1 -l list-2` or `sudo chrootbuild -sp pkg-1 -p pkg-2`.
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