Commit 428d95eb authored by Philip Müller's avatar Philip Müller

[util-iso] honor multilib=false in profile.conf

parent 200abe38
......@@ -249,11 +249,9 @@ make_image_root() {
chroot_create "${path}" "${packages}" || die
# if profile has 'multilib="false"'
# work around mhwd install error when multilib files are not present
# create an empty file which presence is checked by mhwd
if [[ ${multilib} == "false" ]]; then
touch "${path}/etc/mhwd-x86_64.conf"
# profide multilib usage to mhwd-script
if [[ ! -z ${multilib} ]]; then
echo 'MHWD64_IS_LIB32="'${multilib}'"' > "${path}/etc/mhwd-x86_64.conf"
pacman -Qr "${path}" > "${path}/rootfs-pkgs.txt"
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