Commit b3bef8b2 authored by Philip Müller's avatar Philip Müller

makechrootpkg: add /etc/shadow entry for builduser

sudo: PAM account management error: Authentication
service cannot retrieve authentication info
parent 51605c0d
......@@ -191,9 +191,10 @@ prepare_chroot() {
# We can't use useradd without chrooting, otherwise it invokes PAM modules
# which we might not be able to load (i.e. when building i686 packages on
# an x86_64 host).
sed -e '/^builduser:/d' -i "$copydir"/etc/{passwd,group}
sed -e '/^builduser:/d' -i "$copydir"/etc/{passwd,shadow,group}
printf >>"$copydir/etc/group" 'builduser:x:%d:\n' $builduser_gid
printf >>"$copydir/etc/passwd" 'builduser:x:%d:%d:builduser:/build:/bin/bash\n' $builduser_uid $builduser_gid
printf >>"$copydir/etc/shadow" 'builduser:!!:%d::::::\n' "$(( $(date -u +%s) / 86400 ))"
$install -d "$copydir"/{build,build/.gnupg,startdir,{pkg,srcpkg,src,log}dest}
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