Commit 128d05c8 authored by Eli Shleifer's avatar Eli Shleifer Committed by Philip Müller

Update miso

parent 54f55bbc
......@@ -55,10 +55,11 @@ _mnt_sfs() {
local mnt="${2}"
local img_fullname="${img##*/}"
local sfs_dev
local oper=$( [[ -n "${ip}" && -n "${miso_http_srv}" ]] && echo "mv" || echo "cp" )
if [[ "${copytoram}" == "y" ]]; then
msg -n ":: Copying squashfs image to RAM..."
if ! cp "${img}" "/run/miso/copytoram/${img_fullname}" ; then
if ! "${oper}" "${img}" "/run/miso/copytoram/${img_fullname}" ; then
echo "ERROR: while copy '${img}' to '/run/miso/copytoram/${img_fullname}'"
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