Commit a1371dbd authored by udeved's avatar udeved

util-iso-chroot: fix copy_from_cache()

parent be1b965c
......@@ -210,11 +210,11 @@ clean_up_image(){
local list="${tmp_dir}"/mhwd-cache.list
local mnt="$1" repo="$2"
shift 2
chroot-run "$mnt" pacman -v -Syw --noconfirm "$@" || return 1
chroot-run "$mnt" pacman -v -Sp --noconfirm "$@" > "$list"
sed -ni '/.pkg.tar.xz/p' "$list"
sed -i "s/.*\///" "$list"
msg2 "Copying mhwd package cache ..."
rsync -v --files-from="$list" /var/cache/pacman/pkg "$mnt$repo"
......@@ -225,11 +225,9 @@ chroot_clean(){
[[ -d ${root} ]] || continue
local name=${root##*/}
if [[ $name != "mhwdfs" ]];then
# lock 9 "$name.lock" "Locking chroot copy [%s]" "$name"
delete_chroot "${root}" "$dest"
rm -rf --one-file-system "$dest"
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