1. 07 Feb, 2020 2 commits
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      arm64/dts: Add manual speaker volume control · 66d7a788
      Tobias Schramm authored
      This commit adds an ALSA control for the speaḱer amplifier.
      Whiel this gives pulseaudio a meaningful distinction between speaker and headphones
      pulseaudio does unfortunately also turn down the headphones by -48 dB whenever
      the speaker is selected. Since the headphone out and the speaker in are connected
      in parallel this reduces maximum volume of the speakers drastically. However, I deem
      it better than not being able to control the amplifier state at all.
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      arm64/dts: Fix io domain power supplies · 74616c1b
      Tobias Schramm authored
      The audio domain is supplied by vcc_3v0 and the bt656 domain is not supplied at all.
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