ini file

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.ini file to centralize all informations given by the machine and the user.


  • replace small files in /tmp/
  • other log / information file
  • possibility to reuse it: manjaro-architect -f "file.ini" for not to re-enter datas ?
  • possibility to use it to run developer tests
  • an independence of time between menus tree and the real installation?

Easy to use, all in the box

  • Write: ini system.init "openrc"
  • Read: init=$(ini system.init)

The file is copied from /tmp/ to /var/log/m-a.ini when the program is closed

date = 03/13/17 06:34:47
version = test#@version@

lang = fr_FR.UTF-8
init = systemd
bios = BIOS

font = ter-114n
keymap = fr


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