pass params by console or file ini

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test automation

we can pass input user by console args or by particular ini file

  • --ini="test.ini" or
  • --mount.root="/dev/sda44"

One function getvar replace ini() for read values

test.ini file :

root = /dev/sda55
/dev/sda55 = ext4

in this test, manjaro-architect dont show the dialog for choice root partition if config is pass by param or by ini file

only this dialog is rewrited for this test and choice format

    local PARTITION=$(getvar "mount.root")
    if [[ -z "$PARTITION" ]]; then
        DIALOG " $_PrepMntPart " --menu "\n$_SelRootBody\n " 0 0 12 ${PARTITIONS} 2>${ANSWER} || return 0
        PARTITION=$(cat ${ANSWER})

Normally we should copy the contents of the ini file as input when loading into the ini file in /tmp/. Not written here

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