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MSN notifier modification

Philip Müller requested to merge scachemaille:notifier-mod into master

Created by: scachemaille

  • Remove notifications settings from manjaro-settings-manager-gui
  • Add a 2nd notifier bin using KNotifications with the name msm_kde_notifier
  • Add notification settings dialog in msm lib
  • Add call of the notifications settings dialog in msm_notifier & msm_kde_notifier context menu
  • Add a "-s" and "--settings" command argument to both notifier to launch the settings dialog and quit without launching the notifier.
  • Add two .desktop file to launch "msm(_kde)_notifier --settings" to be able to change settings from menu


  • Check the different string used for description or application name if it's ok or need to be changed (.desktop files, binary name, etc)
  • Check the different Icons used to see if it's ok. (icons for the settings dialog window, taskbar, context menu)
  • There is certainly new string to be translated, certainly need a transiflex update.


If you want to test I joined a PKGBUILD file who use my github branche to build and make the 4 different packages (need a review about dependencies, etc as I'm a newbie in pkgbuild file). manjaro-settings-manager manjaro-settings-manager-kcm manjaro-settings-manager-notifier manjaro-settings-manager-kde-notifier PKGBUILD.txt

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