step 1 phasing our bumblebee (free drivers)

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sorry for the 4 commits in there, it really is bad luck sunday for me.

However with this change, the user will be not able to install the intel-ati;neovou-bumblebe config anymore.

It will still start the installation and then fails with:

Bumblebee is not supported for Intel and radeon anymore
please use
        * video-hybrid-intel-radeon-prime
        * video-hybrid-intel-amdgpu-prime

Error: script failed!

The reason is that bumblebee is not working anymore for a longer time, while prime is fully supported on all the free drivers.

We can not remove the scripts yet, because we have still some users who use them and they will be not able to uninstall them if they are removed. So for now the important part it to prevent new users to install them and remove the scripts in step 2, in 2018 (hopefully together with nvidia-bumblebee ;))

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