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This is a huge change to the way we deal with the free drivers.

Linux and Xorg are capable of dealing with opensource drivers themself. They can load and unload modules, deal with hybrid graphics, check for OpenGL and Vulkan support and know the hardware that is supported.

mhwd on the other hand is blocking this. mhwd needs us as users to constantly check for PCIID updates, because otherwise mwhd will load vesa and on modern systems, this will just lead to a black screen, because vesa-xorg can not run on KMS-enabled systems.

So the Idea was to use Opensource drivers always as fallback - in cases they are from AMD/NVIDIA/INTEL. This will not change anything for users of them, all the old scripts are just merged into one "big".

As always this script will not add any file to the system. It just lets linux itself handle the situation. So if your graphicscard is supported by linux, it will work. No mhwd conflicts anymore.

On top of that it also phases out the bumblebee scripts on installation time by uninstalling all file and deactivating the bumblebee service. So right after a system restart you wont have bumblebee (but still prime)

Remember that this is only for opensource drivers. It will not interact with th nonfree Nvidia/Catalyst in any way.

On the downside it will use a few more MiB on space on users computer, because all the parts are installed on every system (just like radeon-vulkan on intel only systems). But this is in the "up to 5MiB" range, so no big deal and if the user wants to remove it - thats fine.

About the name "video-linux" - it's because this script is about using the standard linux graphicsstack.

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