Update OSS drivers to a config-free setup

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Created by: philmmanjaro

For the OSS-graphicsdrivers (intel,radeon,amdgpu,noveau) I suggest to switch to a config-free setup. Xorg (and wayland) is able to detect the drivers by themself. It is also more flexible in case of new hardware, because no hardcoded PCI slots or anything like this.

For hybrid systems we should phase out bumblebee where we're able to (I dont know how the situation is with Nvidia blob).

Mesa Prime should work much better without configuration files. It will use the graphicschip, that is either set as main in BIOS/UEFI or attached to the main screen, as main graphics chip by default. Now the user can switch to the dedicated graphicscard with DRI_PRIME=1 . GNOME seems to have this already integrated in the DE itself.

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