Commit 209c6c40 authored by Philip Müller's avatar Philip Müller

[scripts] move to right line

parent edcab5f0
......@@ -35,9 +35,9 @@ kernel_install() {
[[ $current = $kernel ]] && err "You can't reinstall your current kernel. Please use 'pacman -Syu' instead to update."
[[ -z $(pacman -Ssq "^$kernel$") ]] && err "Please make sure if the given kernel(s) exist(s).\n$(kernel_repo)"
for pkg in $(pacman -Qqs "$current" | grep -E "^$current$|^$current-\S+$"); do
for pkg in $(pacman -Qqs "$current"); do
[[ -n $(pacman -Ssq "^$pkg$") ]] && pkginstall+=("$pkg")
[[ -n $(pacman -Ssq "^$pkg$" | grep -E "^$pkg$|^$pkg-\S+$") ]] && pkginstall+=("$pkg")
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