Commit df8287f0 authored by guinux's avatar guinux

optimize dl function

parent 061ad3eb
......@@ -124,6 +124,7 @@ namespace Pamac {
private ErrorInfos current_error;
public Timer timer;
public Cancellable cancellable;
public Curl.Easy* curl;
public signal void emit_event (uint primary_event, uint secondary_event, string[] details);
public signal void emit_providers (string depend, string[] providers);
......@@ -701,7 +702,7 @@ namespace Pamac {
return result;
AURPackage initialise_aur_struct (Json.Object json_object) {
private AURPackage initialise_aur_struct (Json.Object json_object) {
return AURPackage () {
name = json_object.get_string_member ("Name"),
version = json_object.get_string_member ("Version"),
......@@ -2229,6 +2230,25 @@ private void cb_event (Alpm.Event.Data data) {
details +=;
details +=;
case Alpm.Event.Type.RETRIEVE_START:
// init curl easy handle
pamac_daemon.curl = new Curl.Easy ();
pamac_daemon.curl->setopt (Curl.Option.FAILONERROR, 1L);
pamac_daemon.curl->setopt (Curl.Option.CONNECTTIMEOUT, 30L);
pamac_daemon.curl->setopt (Curl.Option.FILETIME, 1L);
pamac_daemon.curl->setopt (Curl.Option.FOLLOWLOCATION, 1L);
pamac_daemon.curl->setopt (Curl.Option.XFERINFOFUNCTION, cb_download);
pamac_daemon.curl->setopt (Curl.Option.LOW_SPEED_LIMIT, 1L);
pamac_daemon.curl->setopt (Curl.Option.LOW_SPEED_TIME, 30L);
pamac_daemon.curl->setopt (Curl.Option.NETRC, Curl.NetRCOption.OPTIONAL);
pamac_daemon.curl->setopt (Curl.Option.HTTPAUTH, Curl.CURLAUTH_ANY);
case Alpm.Event.Type.RETRIEVE_DONE:
delete pamac_daemon.curl;
case Alpm.Event.Type.RETRIEVE_FAILED:
delete pamac_daemon.curl;
case Alpm.Event.Type.SCRIPTLET_INFO:
details += data.scriptlet_info_line;
......@@ -2366,28 +2386,15 @@ private int cb_fetch (string fileurl, string localpath, int force) {
return -1;
Curl.Easy curl;
curl = new Curl.Easy ();
char error_buffer[Curl.ERROR_SIZE];
var url = GLib.File.new_for_uri (fileurl);
var destfile = GLib.File.new_for_path (localpath + url.get_basename ());
var tempfile = GLib.File.new_for_path (destfile.get_path () + ".part");
curl.reset ();
curl.setopt (Curl.Option.URL, fileurl);
curl.setopt (Curl.Option.FAILONERROR, 1L);
curl.setopt (Curl.Option.ERRORBUFFER, error_buffer);
curl.setopt (Curl.Option.CONNECTTIMEOUT, 30L);
curl.setopt (Curl.Option.FILETIME, 1L);
curl.setopt (Curl.Option.NOPROGRESS, 0L);
curl.setopt (Curl.Option.FOLLOWLOCATION, 1L);
curl.setopt (Curl.Option.XFERINFOFUNCTION, cb_download);
curl.setopt (Curl.Option.XFERINFODATA, (void*) url.get_basename ());
curl.setopt (Curl.Option.LOW_SPEED_LIMIT, 1L);
curl.setopt (Curl.Option.LOW_SPEED_TIME, 30L);
curl.setopt (Curl.Option.NETRC, Curl.NetRCOption.OPTIONAL);
curl.setopt (Curl.Option.HTTPAUTH, Curl.CURLAUTH_ANY);
pamac_daemon.curl->setopt (Curl.Option.URL, fileurl);
pamac_daemon.curl->setopt (Curl.Option.ERRORBUFFER, error_buffer);
pamac_daemon.curl->setopt (Curl.Option.NOPROGRESS, 0L);
pamac_daemon.curl->setopt (Curl.Option.XFERINFODATA, (void*) url.get_basename ());
bool remove_partial_download = true;
if (fileurl.contains (".pkg.tar.") && !fileurl.has_suffix (".sig")) {
......@@ -2401,15 +2408,15 @@ private int cb_fetch (string fileurl, string localpath, int force) {
if (force == 0) {
if (destfile.query_exists ()) {
// start from scratch only download if our local is out of date.
curl.setopt (Curl.Option.TIMECONDITION, Curl.TimeCond.IFMODSINCE);
pamac_daemon.curl->setopt (Curl.Option.TIMECONDITION, Curl.TimeCond.IFMODSINCE);
FileInfo info = destfile.query_info ("time::modified", 0);
TimeVal time = info.get_modification_time ();
curl.setopt (Curl.Option.TIMEVALUE, time.tv_sec);
pamac_daemon.curl->setopt (Curl.Option.TIMEVALUE, time.tv_sec);
} else if (tempfile.query_exists ()) {
// a previous partial download exists, resume from end of file.
FileInfo info = tempfile.query_info ("standard::size", 0);
int64 size = info.get_size ();
curl.setopt (Curl.Option.RESUME_FROM_LARGE, size);
pamac_daemon.curl->setopt (Curl.Option.RESUME_FROM_LARGE, size);
open_mode = "ab";
} else {
......@@ -2427,17 +2434,17 @@ private int cb_fetch (string fileurl, string localpath, int force) {
return -1;
curl.setopt (Curl.Option.WRITEDATA, localf);
pamac_daemon.curl->setopt (Curl.Option.WRITEDATA, localf);
// perform transfer
Curl.Code err = curl.perform ();
Curl.Code err = pamac_daemon.curl->perform ();
// disconnect relationships from the curl handle for things that might go out
// of scope, but could still be touched on connection teardown. This really
// only applies to FTP transfers.
curl.setopt (Curl.Option.NOPROGRESS, 1L);
curl.setopt (Curl.Option.ERRORBUFFER, null);
pamac_daemon.curl->setopt (Curl.Option.NOPROGRESS, 1L);
pamac_daemon.curl->setopt (Curl.Option.ERRORBUFFER, null);
int ret;
......@@ -2449,11 +2456,11 @@ private int cb_fetch (string fileurl, string localpath, int force) {
unowned string effective_url;
// retrieve info about the state of the transfer
curl.getinfo (Curl.Info.FILETIME, out remote_time);
curl.getinfo (Curl.Info.CONTENT_LENGTH_DOWNLOAD, out remote_size);
curl.getinfo (Curl.Info.SIZE_DOWNLOAD, out bytes_dl);
curl.getinfo (Curl.Info.CONDITION_UNMET, out timecond);
curl.getinfo (Curl.Info.EFFECTIVE_URL, out effective_url);
pamac_daemon.curl->getinfo (Curl.Info.FILETIME, out remote_time);
pamac_daemon.curl->getinfo (Curl.Info.CONTENT_LENGTH_DOWNLOAD, out remote_size);
pamac_daemon.curl->getinfo (Curl.Info.SIZE_DOWNLOAD, out bytes_dl);
pamac_daemon.curl->getinfo (Curl.Info.CONDITION_UNMET, out timecond);
pamac_daemon.curl->getinfo (Curl.Info.EFFECTIVE_URL, out effective_url);
if (timecond == 1 && bytes_dl == 0) {
// time condition was met and we didn't download anything. we need to
......@@ -31,7 +31,6 @@ namespace Curl {
public class Easy {
[CCode (cname = "curl_easy_init")]
public Easy();
public void cleanup ();
public Curl.Code getinfo (Curl.Info info, ...);
public Curl.Code easy_pause (int bitmask);
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