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Small improvements on the manager window UI.

Philip Müller requested to merge MightyCreak:ui_improvements into master

Created by: MightyCreak

  • Set width only for the closest component instead of the whole window.
  • Increase rows height of packages_treeview from 20 to 22 so that we can see the tails of the 'j's and 'g's (there must be a better way than forcing the height, but I didn't find it).
  • Increase a little the columns width, based on the average text displayed in them.
  • Set 'Name' column expandable, meaning that when you resize the window, it will be this column that will take the width difference, which is probably what the users want to do 95% of the time.
  • Set the window expandable. This doesn't change anything, but offers a better display in Glade.

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