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service waits for network

Philip Müller requested to merge kewlfft:improvement/timer into master

Created by: kewlfft

  1. The service now waits to be online
  2. The randomization starts at 8am to give more chance to the ones not having their machine on 24/7 to be at day time.
  3. For someone living in Europe it is very reasonable to have a pool of 10 servers or more, there are 10 only in Germany. With -f5 it happens that the 2-3 fastest mirrors in the pool are not picked up and I end up with a slow server, it is a pain. I must not be the only one in this situation. I would suggest something greater like -f8 or -f10 now that we have larger pools than before . It would not affect those who have a pool of 5 or less. Proposing -f8 here.

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