first release

This is the first release of the Manjaro ARM Installer.

This version is 0.1.0. Which means it's still Beta quality. As always I can't garantee that it works.

It's an Architect like installer, which you run and it runs as a CLI application.

This script installs your pick of Manjaro ARM editions for your pick of device.

The installer will ask you for the following info:

  • Device
  • Edition
  • Username
  • Password for that user
  • Password the root user
  • SD/eMMC card device to install on
  • Timezone (this does not work yet)
  • Locale/Language

Once the info is collected, the script will install Manjaro ARM to the SD/eMMC card destination you chose.

The install can only be used on the Device you chose.

Please read the for more info.