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[buildarmimg] add preliminary support for generic-efi

Ghost User requested to merge generic-efi-support into master

This enables the use of "-d generic-efi" device with buildarmimg.

I don't think the resulting image boots, as we still don't generate any .efi file, but the image does look correct otherwise.

  • Partition 1: From 0% to 512 MB, marked as ESP (EFI-system type), gets mounted at /boot. It is /boot, because it seems EFI on ARM can't load kernels from outside the ESP/EFI partition.
  • Partition 2: From 512 MB to 100%, default root filesystem, gets mounted at /.

TODO: We still need to add a .efi file. Either add a precompiled version via a package (could be boot-generic-efi) or find a way to actually generate it via the tools (requires access to efivars in the systemd-nspawn).

Signed-off-by: Dan Johansen

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