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Various improvements and rewrite local packages function

Ghost User requested to merge add_packages-rework into master

Perform various small cleanups, as spotted, which include proper indentation, uniform style of function and variable names, some improvements to the produced help messages and comments in the code, removal of redundant parameters for the "cp -a" invocations, removal of the redundant trailing slashes, simplification of redundant "1>" redirections, small code readability improvements, and quite a bit of other small coding style cleanups.

Perform a rewrite of the entire logic that handles local packages that are to be installed to the root filesystem in the images. Previously, that logic was overly complex and somewhat broken, more specifically it performed various redundants operations, and it did not work under certain conditions because it expected the local packages to be actually present in the pacman cache, etc.

At the same time, call the verify_local_packages() function in "bin/buildemmcinstaller" as well, to have the same check as the one that's already performed in the "bin/buildarmimg" and "bin/buildarmpkg" files.

Signed-off-by: Dragan Simic

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