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Make aarch64 keyrings and x86_64 keyrings definitions be separate instead of addon

Ghost User requested to merge (removed):master into master

Generating the archlinux keyring takes between 2 and 30 minutes on the aarch64 runners, depending on the runner.

And we don't even use the archlinux keyring for any packages, as all the packages from Arch Linux ARM is signed with the keys in the archlinuxarm-keyring.

So instead of just adding archlinuxarm and manjaro-arm keyrings to the added when runner is aarch64 based, it makes more sense to have 2 separate lists. One for x86_64 with archlinux and manjaro and one for aarch64 with archlinuxarm, manjaro-arm and manjaro.

This should reduce the amount of time the aarch64 runners use to populate the keyrings by a significant amount.

Signed-off-by: Dan Johansen

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